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Welcome to Sanskrit Wikipedia! If you need any help, please talk to me. Also when you create new pages can you at least add one sentence of Sanskrit, not just add a picture. Thank you. गिरिक 06:32, 17 August 2006 (UTC)

Please correct सुत्र to सूत्र सहाय 02:12, 6 December 2006 (UTC)

My adminship review[सम्पादयतु]

Review my adminship request at- http://sa.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E0%A4%B5%E0%A4%BF%E0%A4%95%E0%A4%BF%E0%A4%AA%E0%A5%80%E0%A4%A1%E0%A4%BF%E0%A4%AF%E0%A4%BE%E0%A4%B8%E0%A4%AE%E0%A5%8D%E0%A4%AD%E0%A4%BE%E0%A4%B7%E0%A4%A3%E0%A4%AE%E0%A5%8D:%E0%A4%AA%E0%A5%8D%E0%A4%B0%E0%A4%AC%E0%A4%82%E0%A4%A7%E0%A4%95#Me_for_Admin.21.21 --हर्षवर्धनः (Leodescal) ०७:५९, २४ अष्टोबर् २०११ (UTC)

प्रति मुखपृष्ठम्[सम्पादयतु]

You don't need to be a sysop to edit the main page; it isn't even protected. But please don't change the main page too drastically until I'm done redesigning it. --शिवः ०३:३२, २१ अप्रैल २००७ (UTC)

Your main page idea[सम्पादयतु]

It's nice, but it looks too much like a copy of the English Main Page, and the index and phonetic tools seem to be sitting aimlessly in the middle of the page. That said, I think it's translated well, and I will certainly use your translations in designing my version.

Don't be deterred, however, from coming up with more ideas for a new and improved main page; I don't claim that mine is the best! --शिवः ०३:३६, २१ अप्रैल २००७ (UTC)


I now have a prototype for a new main page in my user subpage. Feel free to add your comments on the discussion page. --शिवः १७:२७, २७ मधुमासे २००७ (UTC)

Use of ळ[सम्पादयतु]

Yes eukesh.People can use ळ in sanskrit....though it is not used now.

It was definitely in use during vedic period.One such example is पवमान सूक्‍त in which ळ is used



I'm still learning Sanskrit, but I've noticed a lot of grammatical errors in your contributions. Please check with me, or someone else who has access to a grammar book, before making any drastic or irreversible changes.

That said, your enthusiasm is certainly to be admired; it is seriously lacking in other users. --शिवः २२:३४, ६ ज्येष्ठाषाढके २००७ (UTC)


Rajeevmass ०७:५१, २३ भाद्रपदाश्विने २००७ (UTC)

प्रचालक नामनिर्देशन[सम्पादयतु]

भवदीय,प्रचालक नामनिर्देशनकृते मतप्रदर्शन करोति.त्वां धन्यं वदामि

Mahitgar १४:३०, १९ कार्तिकमार्गशीर्षे २००८ (UTC)

correction requested at sa:मिडीयाविकी:Sidebar[सम्पादयतु]

Please change




Thanks and Regards Mahitgar १६:४०, १२ फाल्गुने २००९ (UTC)

The Sanskrit Wikisource[सम्पादयतु]

Hi! Honorable administrators of the Sanskrit Wikipedia! Sorry for writing in English, I don't know the Sanskrit language. The Sanskrit test-Wikisource is pretty big, so, it needs to be a normal Wikisource, not a part of the Old Wikisource. Please, help in creation of the independent Sanskrit Wikisource! The Request for opening the Sanskrit Wikisource is here, also it needs to translate these messages. Thank you very much for your attention to this problem and, please, ask wikipedians of the Sanskrit Wikipedia, who can help you in the creation! --Andrijko Z. १४:३८, ९ जनुवरि २०११ (UTC)

If this is the first article that you have created, you may want to read the guide to writing your first article.

You may want to consider using the Article Wizard to help you create articles.

नमांसि, विकिपीडियायां स्वागतं च। This is a notice to inform you that a tag has been placed on एलिमेन्ट्स् requesting that it be speedily deleted from Wikipedia. This has been done under section A1 of the criteria for speedy deletion, because it is a very short article providing little or no context to the reader. Please see Wikipedia:Stub for our minimum information standards for short articles. Also please note that articles must be on notable subjects and should provide references to reliable sources that verify their content.

If you think that this notice was placed here in error, contest the deletion by clicking on the button labelled "Click here to contest this speedy deletion". Doing so will take you to the talk page where you will find a pre-formatted place for you to explain why you believe the page should not be deleted. You can also visit the page's talk page directly to give your reasons, but be aware that once tagged for speedy deletion, if the page meets the criterion, it may be deleted without delay. Please do not remove the speedy deletion tag yourself, but don't hesitate to add information to the page that would render it more in conformance with Wikipedia's policies and guidelines. If the page is deleted, you can contact one of these administrators to request that the administrator userfy the page or email a copy to you. लवी सिंघल: (चर्चा) १५:१९, २१ जनुवरि २०१३ (UTC)


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नमांसि Eukesh. You have new messages at Lovysinghal's talk page.
Message added २०:४०, २३ जनुवरि २०१३ (UTC). You can remove this notice at any time by removing the {{Talkback}} or {{Tb}} template.

लवी सिंघल: (चर्चा) २०:४०, २३ जनुवरि २०१३ (UTC)

देवनागरी लिपी प्रयोग करने वाले सदस्य नामो के प्रती साझा निती[सम्पादयतु]


अबतक user names खाता प्रयोक्ता नाम हर विकिप्रकल्प मे अलग अलग हो सकते थे एक ही नामका प्रयोक्ता/सदस्य खाता हिंदी और मराठी विकिपीडीयापर अलग अलग व्यक्ती प्रयोग मे रख सकते थे। इस १५ सितंबर २०१४ से user names के लिए मेटापरसे एकीकृत प्रणाली का उपयोग किया जा रहा है।

देवनागरी लिपी प्रयोग करते हुए सदस्यनामो का निर्माण अबतक तो बहोत अधीक नही है । फिरभी भविषय मे देवनागरी लिपी प्रयोग करने वाले विकिप्रकल्पो के सदस्य गण के सामने आनेवाली समस्याओंको समझने और सुलझाने मे सहायता हो इसलिए एक अनौपचारीक वार्ता अस्थायी रुप से मेटा स्थीत मेरे meta:User talk:Mahitgar पन्ने पर शुरु की है। देवनागरी लिपी प्रयोग करने वाले विकिप्रकल्पो प्रतिनिधीओ कि प्राथमीक सहमती से हमे साझा दिर्घकालीक नितिपर विचार विमर्श करना संभव हो सकेगा इस वार्ता हेतू आपके सुझाव प्राप्त करना चाहता हुं ।

Mahitgar (चर्चा) ०६:३६, १७ सितम्बर २०१४ (UTC)


Firstly I want to say that you are doing a magnificent job on editing Sanskrit Wikipedia. Well done!!

I reckon a scholar like you must have mastered the Sanskrit.

I have a proposition, as you have evidently mastered this beautiful language, I think you can put a Professional Sanskrit course on some online learning website like Udemy.com with a **price tag**.

Take a look at this course on udemy (udemy is quite famous amongst online learners like me):- https://www.udemy.com/selenium-real-time-examplesinterview-questions/ This instructor has 61,541 students and each student has paid 800 rupees. You do the maths on how much money he has procured from this 50+ hour course.

I hope that you will rise to this challenge and put a professional-50+ hour Sanskrit course there. I like many are waiting for a GOOD Sanskrit course which would takes us from novice to ninja level. शिव साहिल (चर्चा) ०३:४४, २५ फरवरी २०१९ (UTC)

आपके प्रबंधक अधिकार[सम्पादयतु]

नमस्कार। मैं एक स्टूअर्ड हूँ। हालही में समुदाय मतैक्य से प्रबंधक और प्रशासक जैसे "उन्नत अधिकारों" को हटाने के सम्बन्ध में एक नई नीति लागू की गई है। इस नीति अनुसार, जिन विकियों पर असक्रियता सम्बन्धी कोई नीति नहीं है, उनपर स्टूअर्ड प्रबंधकों की सक्रियता की जाँच कर रहे हैं।

आप sawiki पर, जहाँ आप एक (प्रबंधक/प्रशासक/प्रबंधक और प्रशासक) हैं, असक्रियता के मानदंडों के अंतर्गत आते हैं (दो वर्ष से अधिक समय से कोई सम्पादन एवं लॉग कार्य नहीं)। चूँकि xxwiki पर प्रबंधन अधिकारों की समीक्षा की कोई नीति नहीं है, वैश्विक नीति लागू होती है।

यदि आप अपने अधिकार रखना चाहते हैं तो आप समुदाय को सूचित करें कि आपको स्टूअर्डों ने असक्रियता सम्बंधित ये सूचना भेजी है। आपके समुदाय की चर्चा के बाद, यदि समुदाय चाहता है कि आपके अधिकार आपके पास रहें, तो कृपया स्टूअर्डों से स्टूअर्ड सूचनापट पर संपर्क करें। वहाँ स्थानीय विकि समुदाय की चर्चा का लिंक दें जिसमें समुदाय ने आपके अधिकारों का समर्थन किया हो, और साथ ही इन अधिकारों की आवश्यकता के कारण का विवरण दें।

प्रतिक्रियाओं की जाँच हम स्टूअर्ड करेंगे। यदि लगभग एक महीने के बाद तक भी कोई प्रतिक्रिया नहीं आती है तो हम आपके प्रबंधनीय अधिकार वापिस ले लेंगे। निर्णय में शंका की स्थिति होने पर हम प्रतिक्रियाएँ देखेंगे, निर्णय पुनः स्थानीय विकि समुदाय के चर्चा करने हेतु छोड़ेंगे और समीक्षा करेंगे। यदि आपके कोई भी प्रश्न हैं तो कृपया स्टूअर्ड सूचनापट पर हमसे संपर्क करें।

भवदीय, Rschen7754 ०३:२७, १९ जून २०१९ (UTC)

About the proposal of the collaboration between sawiki and zh-classicalwiki[सम्पादयतु]

(Sorry for writing in English.) I, humbly, as an admin of the lzhwp, represent the Wikipedians of the [zh-classical.wikipedia.org Classical Chinese Wikipedia], a classical language Wikimedia community. Sanskrit Wikipedia, being a community of a well-known classical language enjoying rich culture, great influence on the world and a long history, has a prosperous community with numerous goods and active users, the number of both greatly exceeds ours.

It would be a great honour for us, if, just like the previous collaborations between Chinese and Urdu Wikipedia, that the community of the Sanskrit Wikipedia could collaborate with us, the Classical Chinese Wikipedia. As the previous examples had shown, collaborations like this would be beneficial for both of our communities, and would help the two language communities to understand each other. We would be more than happy to see the success of the collaboration, and the request is the reason of leaving this message on the Village Pump.

May the Sanskrit Wikipedia continue to flourish! We hope that you, as an admin, would kindly express your opinion about the collaboration in the प्रस्तावसभा (if I had named it correctly), including ones about the specific details and forms of the collaboration, and the collaboration would take place as soon as possible. Thank You!

-丁子君 (चर्चा) १४:५७, १ जुलाई २०१९ (UTC), An Admin of Classical Chinese Wikipedia

"https://sa.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=सदस्यसम्भाषणम्:Eukesh&oldid=444797" इत्यस्माद् प्रतिप्राप्तम्