अण्डमाननिकोबारद्वीपसमूहस्य मण्डलानि

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अण्डमाननिकोबारद्वीपसमूहस्य मण्डलानि

अण्डमाननिकोबारद्वीपसमूहस्य मण्डलानि
अण्डमाननिकोबारद्वीपसमूहस्य मण्डलानि
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Presently, the Union Territory of Andaman and Nicobar Islands comprises 3 districts:

  1. North and Middle Andaman district
  2. South Andaman district
  3. Nicobar district

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On August 1, 1974 Nicobar district was separated from Andaman district. On August 18 2006, Andaman district was bifurcated into two districts: North and Middle Andaman district and South Andaman district.

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