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Test text with link

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A template standardizing the portal templates and for other purposes.


The template is not a stand-alone template and so once the box header is typed or pasted the template Box-footer must immediately follow it.

This example assumes that you have a separate page containing the content, and transclude it onto the page.

| title= 
| editpage=  <!-- This data must be the same  -->
| titleforeground=
| titlebackground=
| background=
| viewpage= <!-- This data must be the same  -->

{{ <!-- This data must be the same --> }}

{{Box-footer | text }}

This example assumes that the content is entered between the header and footer. Notice that viewpage is not in there. It will not work because it links to the page you are on, and therefore wikipedia does not link it.

| title= 
| editpage=  <!-- This field must be the same as the name of the page it is on. -->
| titleforeground=
| titlebackground=
| background=

Box Content

{{Box-footer | text }}


| title= The Quotes of Quotes
| editpage= Box-header/sample
| titleforeground= white
| titlebackground= red
| background= white


{{Box-footer| [[William Shakespeare|more...]] }}

See Also[सम्पादयतु]


Box-header color palettes[सम्पादयतु]

The following box-headers are examples of HSV color palettes arranged by hue. They can be copied to your portal's /box-header subpage.

Border: Hn/S15/V75 • Background: Hn/S4/V100 • Header 1: Hn/S40/V85 • Header 2: Hn/S15/V95 • Header 3: Hn/S10/V100


Template:Box-header/1 फलकम्:Box-header/1

Template:Box-header/2 फलकम्:Box-header/2

Template:Box-header/3 फलकम्:Box-header/3


Template:Box-header/4 फलकम्:Box-header/4

Template:Box-header/5 फलकम्:Box-header/5

Template:Box-header/6 फलकम्:Box-header/6


Border: H60/S15/V75 • Background: H60/S4/V100 • Header 1: H60/S40/V100 • Header 2: H60/S15/V100 • Header 3: H60/S10/V100

Template:Box-header/7 फलकम्:Box-header/7

Template:Box-header/8 फलकम्:Box-header/8

Template:Box-header/9 फलकम्:Box-header/9


Template:Box-header/10 फलकम्:Box-header/10

Template:Box-header/11 फलकम्:Box-header/11

Template:Box-header/12 फलकम्:Box-header/12


Template:Box-header/13 फलकम्:Box-header/13

Template:Box-header/14 फलकम्:Box-header/14

Template:Box-header/15 फलकम्:Box-header/15


Template:Box-header/16 फलकम्:Box-header/16

Template:Box-header/17 फलकम्:Box-header/17

Template:Box-header/18 फलकम्:Box-header/18


Template:Box-header/19 फलकम्:Box-header/19

Template:Box-header/20 फलकम्:Box-header/20

Template:Box-header/21 फलकम्:Box-header/21


Template:Box-header/22 फलकम्:Box-header/22

Template:Box-header/23 फलकम्:Box-header/23

Template:Box-header/24 फलकम्:Box-header/24


Template:Box-header/25 फलकम्:Box-header/25

Template:Box-header/26 फलकम्:Box-header/26

Template:Box-header/27 फलकम्:Box-header/27


Template:Box-header/28 फलकम्:Box-header/28

Template:Box-header/29 फलकम्:Box-header/29

Template:Box-header/30 फलकम्:Box-header/30


Template:Box-header/31 फलकम्:Box-header/31

Template:Box-header/32 फलकम्:Box-header/32

Template:Box-header/33 फलकम्:Box-header/33


Template:Box-header/34 फलकम्:Box-header/34

Template:Box-header/35 फलकम्:Box-header/35

Template:Box-header/36 फलकम्:Box-header/36


Template:Box-header/37 फलकम्:Box-header/37

Template:Box-header/38 फलकम्:Box-header/38

Template:Box-header/39 फलकम्:Box-header/39

H0 S0[सम्पादयतु]

Border: H0/S0/V75 • Background: H0/S0/V100 • Header 1: H0/S0/V75 • Header 2: H0/S0/V85 • Header 3: H0/S0/V95

Template:Box-header/40 फलकम्:Box-header/40

Template:Box-header/41 फलकम्:Box-header/41

Template:Box-header/42 फलकम्:Box-header/42

"https://sa.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=फलकम्:Box-header&oldid=351310" इत्यस्माद् प्रतिप्राप्तम्