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This template is used to make the CSD user notifications fully compatible with the Twinkle user script. It is used automatically to notify users of speedy deletion tags on pages they create.

For anyone looking to make a bot or script work with more customized CSD notices, this template is quite useful.

{{subst:db-csd-notice-custom|1=Article name|2=X#}}

X# is the criterion being used, e.g. A7 or G11. Note that the letter must be capitalized. For notability (A7), the following can be used for parameter 2 to give a more specific message:

  • A7 for people
  • A7.1 for bands or singers
  • A7.2 for clubs or groups
  • A7.3 for companies
  • A7.4 for web content or websites
  • A7.5 for animals
"https://sa.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=फलकम्:Db-csd-notice-custom/doc&oldid=351636" इत्यस्माद् पुनः प्राप्तिः