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Infobox occupation[सम्पादयतु]

An architect at his drawing board, 1893.
नामानि architect
वृत्तिप्रकारः profession
सक्रियविभागाः real estate development
corporate facilities planning
project management
construction management
interior design
technical knowledge, management skills
see professional requirements
सन्दर्भाः उद्योगाः

An occupation infobox may be used to summarize information about a particular occupation, trade, profession, job or employment. The infobox should be added using the {{Infobox occupation}} template, as shown below:

{{Infobox occupation
| name           = 
| image          = <!-- [[Image:Architect.png|300px]] -->
| caption        = 
| official_names = 
| type               = 
| activity_sector    = 
| competencies       = 
| formation          = 
| employment_field   =
| related_occupation = 

General parameters:

  • name – the formal name of the occupation. Can be {{PAGENAME}}.
  • imageoptional – an image of the occupation. The image must be given in the form [[Image:Example.jpg|300px]]; in particular, the thumb attribute must not be selected.
  • captionoptional – the text to be placed below the image.
  • official_namesoptional – the names or synonyms for the particular occupation, including the principal name (which can be {{PAGENAME}}).


  • typeoptional – the type of occupation (e.g. "profession", "employment", "vocation", "performing arts", "military", etc.).
  • activity_sectoroptional – the main activity sectors of the occupation (e.g. "management", "science", "laboratory", "circus", "government", "show business", etc.).
  • competenciesoptional – competencies and qualities required.
  • formationoptional – formation and education necessary.
  • employment_fieldoptional – fields of employment and places we can encounter someone with the occupation.
  • related_occupationoptional – related occupations.
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