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{{Infobox ethnic group
|group      = 
|population = 
|region1    = 
|pop1       = 
|ref1       = 
|region2    = 
|pop2       = 
|ref2       = 
|region3    = 
|pop3       = 
|ref3       = 
|region4    = 
|pop4       = 
|ref4       = 
|region5    = 
|pop5       = 
|ref5       = 
|region6    = 
|pop6       = 
|ref6       = 
|region7    = 
|pop7       = 
|ref7       = 
|region8    = 
|pop8       = 
|ref8       = 
|region9    = 
|pop9       = 
|ref9       = 
|region10   = 
|pop10      = 
|ref10      = 
|region11   = 
|pop11      = 
|ref11      = 
|languages  = 
|religions  = 
|related    = 
|footnotes  = 


تاجيک Тоҷик
c. 16.5 to 28.5 million
प्रदेशानुगुणं जनसंख्या
 Afghanistan 8,400,000[१]
फलकम्:Country data Tajikistan 5,849,331[२]
फलकम्:Country data Uzbekistan
         (estimates vary)
or 4,915,284
or 11,000,000[३]
 Iran 1,700,000
 Pakistan 900,000
 Russia 500,000
 Germany 120,000
 United States 93,000
फलकम्:Country data Qatar 87,000
 China (PRC) 41,000
 Ukraine 419 [६]
Persian (varieties of Dari and Tajik)
Islam (mostly Sunni)
सन्दर्भाः सम्प्रदायाः
Other Iranian peoples
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{{Infobox ethnic group
|group        = Tajiks
|native_name = تاجيک {{unicode|Тоҷик}}
|population = 16.5 to 28.5 million
|region1    = {{flag|Afghanistan}}
|pop1       = 8,400,000
|ref1       = {{lower|<ref>...</ref>}}
|region2    = {{flag|Tajikistan}}
|pop2       = 5,849,331
|ref2       = {{lower|<ref>...</ref>}}
|region3    = {{flag|Uzbekistan}}<br>{{spaces|9}}<small>(estimates vary)</small>
|pop3       = 1,365,356<br>or 4,915,284<br>or 11,000,000
|ref3       = {{lower|0.75em|<ref>...</ref>}}<br>{{lower|1.35em|<ref>...</ref>}}<br>{{lower|1.9em|<ref>...</ref>}}
|region4    = {{flag|Iran}}
|pop4       = 1,700,000
|ref4       = 
|region5    = {{flag|Pakistan}}
|pop5       = 900,000
|ref5       = 
|region6    = {{flag|Russia}}
|pop6       = 500,000
|ref6       = 
|region7    = {{flag|Germany}}
|pop7       = 120,000
|ref7       = 
|region8    = {{flag|United States}}
|pop8       = 93,000
|ref8       = 
|region9      = {{flag|Qatar}}
|pop9         = 87,000
|ref9         = 
|region10     = {{flag|People's Republic of China|name=China (PRC)}}
|pop10        = 41,000
|ref10        = 
|languages    = [[Persian language|Persian]] (varieties of [[Dari (Eastern Persian)|Dari]] and [[Tajik language|Tajik]])
|religions    = [[Islam]] (mostly [[Sunni]]) 
|related      = Other [[Iranian peoples]]
|footnotes    = Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet...<br>{{reflist}}


All parameters optional except group.

group Name of the group (e.g. "Armenians").
native_name Name in local language. If more than one, separate using {{Plain list}}
native_name_lang ISO 639-2 code e.g. "fr" for French. If more than one, use {{lang}} instead
flag To specify a flag image below the titlebar; see below for example. Please be cautious about using this: most ethnic groups do not have a strongly associated flag.
flag_caption Caption to be placed below flag (if used).
image To specify an image below the titlebar (or flag); see below for example.
rawimage To specify raw code for an image below the titlebar. Overrides image.
image_caption (or caption) Caption to be placed below image (if used).
population (or pop or poptime) Worldwide population.
genealogy Worldwide population under criteria including assimilated diasporas (useful to distinguish from population for certain ethnicities).
regions (or popplace) To introduce and/or indicate regional populations.
tablehdr Heading above list of regions (region1, region2, etc.).
region1 To list first region.
pop1 To list population in first region.
ref1 To list footnote/s and/or URL/s for first region's information.
region2 Ditto second region.
region31 Ditto thirty-first (and, currently, last) region.
languages (or langs) List of languages spoken by group.
religions (or rels) List of group's religious affiliations.
related List of other ethnic groups related to the group.
footnotes List of footnotes

Example use of flag, flag_caption, image and image_caption (caption)[सम्पादयतु]

(flag and flag_caption for Basque people, image and image_caption for Zulu people)

|flag          = Flag of the Basque Country.svg
|flag_caption  = The [[Ikurriña]], flag of the [[Basque Country]]

|image         = Image:ZuluWarriors.jpg
|image_caption = Zulu warriors (late nineteenth century)

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