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Up to 5 youth clubs, 10 senior clubs and 3 national teams may be specified.

Blank infobox[सम्पादयतु]

{{Infobox field hockey player


Ellen Hoog
व्यक्तिगत तथ्यानि
जन्म (१९८६-२-२) २६, १९८६ (आयुः वाचनिकदोषः : अनपेक्षितम् उद्गारचिह्नम {)
2002-PresentSCHC?? (15)
2004-PresentNetherlands34 (7)

{{Infobox field hockey player

|name=Ellen Hoog
|birth_date = (१९८६-२-२) २६, १९८६ (आयुः ३५)
|caps(goals)1 =?? (15)
|nationalcaps(goals)1=34 (7)
|medaltemplates={{MedalSport | Women's [[field hockey]]}}

{{MedalCountry | the {{NED}} }} {{MedalCompetition|[[Olympic Games]]}} {{MedalGold|[[2008 Summer Olympics|2008 Beijing]]|[[Field hockey at the 2008 Summer Olympics – Women's tournament|Team competition]]}} }}


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