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This subtemplate of {{Infobox settlement}} checks the inputs passed to {{Infobox settlement/densdisp}} when the auto option is used.


{{Infobox settlement/checkauto|DENSsqmi|POP|AREAsqmi}}


{{Infobox settlement/checkauto|DENSkm2|POP|AREAkm2}}

where DENSsqmi is the density per square mile, DENSkm2 is the density per square kilometer, POP is the population, AREAsqmi is the area in square miles, and AREAkm2 is the area in square kilometers. See {{Infobox settlement/densdisp}} for more details.

Code Result
{{Infobox settlement/checkauto|2|30|15}}
{{Infobox settlement/checkauto|auto|30|15}}
{{Infobox settlement/checkauto|auto| |15}}
{{Infobox settlement/checkauto|auto|30| }}
{{Infobox settlement/checkauto|auto| | }}

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