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Location map of India
name India
67.0 ←↕→ 99.0
map center २१°१५′उत्तरदिक् ८३°००′पूर्वदिक् / 21.25°उत्तरदिक् 83°पूर्वदिक् / २१.२५; ८३
image India location map 3.png
Location map भारतम्
image1 India relief location map.jpg
Location map भारतम्
image2 India relief location map ganges highlighted.jpg
Location map भारतम्

How to use an alternative map[सम्पादयतु]

This template normally displays the map shown above as image:

  • India location map 3.png.

The AlternativeMap parameter in Template:Location map can be used to display one of the following images:

  • India relief location map.jpg
  • India relief location map ganges highlighted.jpg

Further instructions and examples can be found at Template:Location map#Using Alternative Map.

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