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This template creates a single succession box center column to be used with succession boxes for the function of listing titles.


The format is {{s-ttl|title=enter title here|years=enter years title was held here|parameter=}}, where parameter= can be used optionally for any of the additional parameters listed in the following table.

district — For use with parliamentary offices. Insert as a wikilink the district represented during the tenure in office.
regent1 (or regent 2, or regent 3) AND years1 (or years2, or years3) — These parameters can be used when an office is held in tandem with another person. Examples of this include co-rulers of a country or region and regencies. It does not include consorts or sub-positions such as vice presidencies. The "years" parameter should only contain years, not days or months, but all other guidelines rules apply.
alongside — This parameter is reserved for political positions where two people share power, such as US senators.
lords — Designates that the person was a member of the House of Lords. The parameter is asking for the dates they served in the house.
creation — Adds a sub-line beneath the title that allows for a "creation" number for certain noble titles (such as the Dukes of Cornwall).
dynasty — Adds a sub-line beneath the title that allows for a "dynasty" number for certain royal dynastic lines (such as the Pharaohs of Egypt).
with alternative parameter for use when an office is shared with one or more others
with2with25 to allow others sharing the office to be listed separately

This template allows for multiple row-spans using the parameter |rows=| between the template name and the first parameter.


From the Richard, 1st Earl of Cornwall article:

{{s-reg | en}}
{{s-new | creation}}
{{s-ttl | title=[[Earl of Cornwall]]
| creation=7th creation
| years=4 March 1857 – 21 January 1861}}
{{s-aft | after=[[Edmund, 2nd Earl of Cornwall|Edmund]]}}
Earl of Cornwall
7th creation
4 March 1857 – 21 January 1861

From the Jefferson Davis article:

{{s-par | us-sen}}
{{s-bef | before=[[Stephen Adams (politician)|Stephen Adams]]}}
{{s-ttl | title=[[List of United States Senators from Mississippi|Senator from Mississippi (Class 1)]]
| years=March 4, 1857 – January 21, 1861
| alongside=[[Albert G. Brown]]}}
{{s-aft|after=[[Adalbert Ames]]}}
Stephen Adams
Senator from Mississippi (Class 1)
March 4, 1857 – January 21, 1861
Served alongside: Albert G. Brown
Adalbert Ames

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Documentation for creating succession boxes can be found at Template:S-start/doc.

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