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Different smilies can be made using parameters. For instance, {{=)|sad}} produces Face-sad.svg.

The full list of parameters is as follows.

Some parameters are duplicates — for instance, the value 10 or any of the words cry, crying, or tears will produce Cry.png.

Default (no parameter) is a simple smile.

parameter produces parameter produces
1, smile Face-smile.svg 2, sad, frown Face-sad.svg
3, wink Face-wink.svg 4, blush Face-blush.svg
5, grin Face-grin.svg 6, surprise Face-surprise.svg
7, tongue Face-tongue.svg 8, confused Face-confused.svg
9, shade, shades Shade.png 10, cry, crying, tears Cry.png
11, lightbulb, idea Lightbulb.png 12, wink2 Smile eye.png
13, wink3 Wink.png 14, big-grin, biggrin Face-grin.svg
15, devil-grin, devil, evil Face-devil-grin.svg 16, kiss Face-kiss.svg
17, smirk Face-smile-big.svg 18, big-cry, bigcry, sob Face-crying.svg
19, glasses, nerd Face-glasses.svg 20, angel Face-angel.svg
21, ttth Face-hand.svg 22, awesome 718smiley.svg
23, vsmile Emoticon =v=.svg 24, dp, dontpanic Don't panic.svg
25, teeth Teeth.png 26, angry Face-angry red.png
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