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वर्गः:Candidates for speedy deletion

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For an alternative view of the contents of this category, see User:Cyde/List of candidates for speedy deletion.
See the deletion log for all deleted pages.

This category contains pages tagged with speedy deletion templates. Before speedily deleting a page, take the time to ensure that it meets the criteria for speedy deletion, check the links, the history, and (for images) the file links. If there is any doubt at all, switch the article to a process like Wikipedia:Proposed deletion that allows time for others to review the proposal.

Attack pages: When deleting attack pages, be careful that you don't quote any of the content in your deletion summary. In some cases, MediaWiki will offer a prefilled deletion summary that includes some of the content being deleted; make sure you replace the summary with something more appropriate (such as "[[WP:CSD#G10]] - Attack page") before clicking the delete button. If you do, by accident, quote the content, then you should undelete the page and redelete it with the correct deletion reason, before deleting the log entry for the first deletion.

Quick reference (Please note that each criterion is described in greater detail at WP:CSD: Numerous simple-looking criteria have detailed requirements that must be met)

G1: Nonsense – G2: Test pages – G3: Vandalism – G4: Previously deleted by AfD – G5: Banned user – G6: Housekeeping – G7: Author's request – G8: Dependant page – G10: Attack pages/libel – G11:Spam – G12: Copyright infringement

A1: No context – A2: Foreign language (transwikied) – A3: No content or contact attempt – A5: Transwikied – A7: No claim of importance/significance (people, animals, organizations, clubs, bands, web content) – A9: No claim of importance/significance of musical recordings – A10: Recently created article that duplicates an existing topic

R2: To several namespaces from main one – R3: Implausible typo/misnomers

F1: Redundant – F2: Corrupt/Empty/Commons Page – F3: Bad/Restricted license — F4: No License/Source – F5: Non-free Orphaned – F6: Missing fair use rationale – F7: Invalid fair use claim – F8: Identical on Commons – F9: Copyright infringement – F10: Non-media file – F11: Unverified permission

C1: Empty – C2: Renamed

U1: Owner's request – U2: Nonexistent user – U3: Fair use galleries

T2: Misrepresentations of policy – T3: Duplicates

P1: Portal Topic Meets CSD for an Article – P2: Underpopulated Portal


Contested (वाचनिकदोषः : अनपेक्षितम् उद्गारचिह्नम ०)Possibly contested (०)Attack (०)Broken redirects (०)Spam (०)Significance not indicated (०)Copyvio (०)Empty (०)Nonsense (०)Author request (०)Files with unacceptable licenses (०)Redundant images (०)Missing/Corrupt files (०)History merges (०)Deprecated templates (०)Unspecified (no specific criterion) (०)Uncontroversial/Maintenance (०)

Dated deletion categories[सम्पादयतु]

Backlogs larger than 10 days will not appear below due to limitations in the template. Please clear older backlogs before newer ones and check the "master category" once in a while if a category suddenly changes from "huge backlog" to "no backlog" overnight. Although not technically part of the speedy deletion criteria, articles which have been proposed for deletion for more than seven days are also listed here as a matter of convenience.

Pages detected by the edit filter[सम्पादयतु]

The edit filter can detect certain pages that may meet criteria for speedy deletion and tag those edits in recent changes:

Administrators: You may wish to use this tool or this tool to find a list of nominations sorted by age, oldest first, or this tool to sort them by size.


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