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-- ॐNehalDaveND १६:१०, ६ डिसेम्बर् २०२० (UTC)[उत्तर दें]

Token of appreciation: Festive Season 2020 edit-a-thon[सम्पादयतु]

Rangoli on Diwali 2020 at Moga, Punjab, India.jpg

Hello, we would like to thank you for participating in Festive Season 2020 edit-a-thon. Your contribution made the edit-a-thon fruitful and successful. Now, we are taking the next step and we are planning to send a token of appreciation to them who contributed to this event. Please fill the given Google form for providing your personal information as soon as possible. After getting the addresses we can proceed further.

Please find the form here. Thank you MediaWiki message delivery (चर्चा) ०९:५२, १४ डिसेम्बर् २०२० (UTC)[उत्तर दें]

Reminder: Wikipedia 20th celebration "the way I & my family feels"[सम्पादयतु]


A very Happy New Year 2021. As you know this year we are going to celebrate Wikipedia's 20th birthday on 15th January 2021, to start the celebration, I like to invite you to participate in the event titled "Wikipedia 20th celebration the way I & my family feels"

The event will be conducted from 1st January 2021 till 15th January and another one from 15th January to 14th February 2021 in two segments, details on the event page.

Please have a look at the event page: '"Wikipedia 20th celebration the way I & my family feels"

Let's all be creative and celebrate Wikipedia20 birthday, "the way I and my family feels".

If you are interested to contribute please participate. Do feel free to share the news and ask others to participate.

Marajozkee (चर्चा) १५:४५, १ जनवरी २०२१ (UTC)[उत्तर दें]

"https://sa.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=सदस्यसम्भाषणम्:Dr.Tirumalnhm&oldid=457175" इत्यस्माद् प्रतिप्राप्तम्