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As far as I know, in Sanskrit, मुख्यपृष्ठम् is correct, not मुख्यपृष्ठ. Kindly revert --Naveen Sankar ०५:२९, १६ एप्रिल् २०११ (UTC)

The spoken sanskrit dictionary (like all other sanskrit disctionaries) gives only the pratipadika form of a word. But while naming, you should use the Nominative Case - Prathama Ekavachana form..You have to consider the gender also. मुख्यपृष्ठ is the pratipadika form. But, as a name, मुख्यपृष्ठम् is correct. This is like संस्कृत as the pratipadika form and संस्कृतम् as the name of the language. Please go through sanskrit विभक्ति. --Naveen Sankar १६:०९, १६ एप्रिल् २०११ (UTC)

Link broken[सम्पादयतु]

Vaibhav, I think the link you supplied me is broken. Kindly provide a proper link. Regards, Yes Michael?Talk ०७:२४, १७ एप्रिल् २०११ (UTC)


I have replied on my talk page. Regards, Yes Michael?Talk १७:०२, १९ एप्रिल् २०११ (UTC)


Hello Vaibhav, 13 is quite a young age! You might just be one of the youngest Wikipedians in India; I am glad to see a lot of meaningful contributions. I really do not know who the youngest admin is; Wikipedians are usually secretive (like me) about their age and other personal details, and admins are no exception to this trend.

Regarding me running for Admin, I've been active for almost a year now, and my primary contributions are on the English Wikipedia. Adminship is not my goal; if adminship is conferred upon me, then it may only help me contribute, but it is definitely not my goal. I'm active in Kannada and Sanskrit Wiki too, and my target is to make this a better place, and to encourage younger editors like you.

I've been here for a few years, and I'd like to give you a piece of sincere advice regarding this. Try and have some content contributions (i.e. actual article writing, repairing, etc). Sanskrit Wiki desperately needs that. There is no sizeable community here, and so, things like Vandalism are not a big problem here. Adminship will come naturally to you. I know many admins, and not many of them had adminship as their goal. If we contribute good content, then adminship will naturally descend upon you! Yes Michael?Talk ११:१४, २० एप्रिल् २०११ (UTC)


Excellent work in creating new articles Vaibhav! I appreciate it. A small note: If you did not know, there is something called an interwiki link. See en:H:IL for some information on this. It would be useful if you were to add interwikis to each page you create. It is not a laborious task; it takes only a few minutes. You just have to copy the existing interwikis from the English (or any other language) article, and paste here. You also have to add the Sanskrit interwiki there. Please contact me if you have the slightest query! Keep the good work going! Yes Michael?Talk १५:३१, २१ एप्रिल् २०११ (UTC)

Yes, my college schedule is very tight, so I find less time each passing day :) . I will contribute to Wikiquote after some weeks. And also, it would be good if you could write something more in each article you create. At least 2-3 sentences would be good. Yes Michael?Talk १६:५०, २१ एप्रिल् २०११ (UTC)
I second Mike, awesome work indeed. Lots of enthusiasm, hope it never diminishes. On a side note, I have updated वर्गसम्भाषणम्:नागरानि, please take a look. - रामप्रियः १६:५२, २१ एप्रिल् २०११ (UTC)
Vaibhav, also, please leave some edit summary (which is the box below the edit field). Leave just a small note of what you did; like "created new article", or whatever. You're doing this already, but do it for most of your edits :) Regards, Yes Michael?Talk ०७:२५, २२ एप्रिल् २०११ (UTC)

I have updated वर्गसम्भाषणम्:नागरानि, please take a look. - रामप्रियः १८:०५, २५ एप्रिल् २०११ (UTC)

My questions on your request for adminship[सम्पादयतु]

Hello Vaibhav, please leave an answer for the question I have asked here. Yes Michael?Talk १२:१८, २३ एप्रिल् २०११ (UTC)

Nice work on setting up the Sanskrit Embassy. Yes Michael?Talk १३:४५, २३ एप्रिल् २०११ (UTC)
I am still undecided on my opinion :) . I've striked out my opposition. Yes Michael?Talk १५:०५, २३ एप्रिल् २०११ (UTC)

Thank you![सम्पादयतु]

Thanks for the Barnstar Vaibhav! I don't think I deserve it as much as many other editors do, but thanks anyway! Keep up the good work! Yes Michael?Talk १३:२५, २६ एप्रिल् २०११ (UTC)

सहाय विषयॆ लॆखनम्[सम्पादयतु]

Please check this page. I would like to write some help articles for newcomers. First, I would like to start with the spelling of the article, which needs to be corrected. Do you have an idea?


Note on IP Block exempt[सम्पादयतु]

I guess you tried to change the User rights for some users. I appreciate you experimenting, but please do not grant IP Block exemption without proper reason, and I don't think Sanskrit Wiki is in a situation where IP Block exemption would be needed. To read more about it, please go to en:WP:IPBLOCK. Yes Michael?Talk १२:४६, २७ एप्रिल् २०११ (UTC)

Spelling of Wikipedia[सम्पादयतु]

I request you to retain the page "Wikipedia" as विकिपीडिया and not as विकिपीडियः. There has been some debate over this in the mailing list. Leave a note on Naveen Sankar's talk page asking him the decided spelling. I will contact him if needed. Yes Michael?Talk १६:४३, २७ एप्रिल् २०११ (UTC)


Be wary of deleting pages having the tag Mediawiki. I'm not sure, but it may serve some function, since many of them were created by members of WMF (Jalexander for example). I'll have a chat with Jalexander on that, but please be wary. Yes Michael?Talk १२:२३, २८ एप्रिल् २०११ (UTC)

Offensive page and username[सम्पादयतु]

Kindly delete this page and block (indefinitely) this user. I don't think I need to explain why. Make sure you softblock him, and not hardblock. Yes Michael?Talk १३:१५, ३० एप्रिल् २०११ (UTC)

whats that[सम्पादयतु]

Please tell what is soft block? This user is really at the limit. Vaibhav Jain १५:३४, ३० एप्रिल् २०११ (UTC)

You know how to block him? Yes Michael?Talk १५:३५, ३० एप्रिल् २०११ (UTC)


You might want to add this to Wikisource. Yes Michael?Talk १६:२९, ४ मेय् २०११ (UTC)

IP blocks[सम्पादयतु]

1 Year? Please do not block IPs for long periods of time unless there is very heavy vandalism. In most cases, a 30 hour ban would be more than sufficient. MikeLynch Public १८:४०, ७ मेय् २०११ (UTC)

Reverting edits[सम्पादयतु]

Note that before reverting another editor's edits, (unless it is pure vandalism), it is customary to leave a note on their talk page, explaining why you reverted those edits. MikeLynch Public १८:४३, ७ मेय् २०११ (UTC)