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शिखरम् {{{highest}}} ({{{highest_location}}})
औन्नत्यम् ० m {{{elevation_m}}}{{{elevation_note}}} {{{elevation_system}}}
यामः ०° उत्तरदिक् ०° पूर्वदिक् / 0°उत्तरदिक् 0°पूर्वदिक् / ०; ० {{{lat_d}}}...{{{long_d}}}...{{{coordinates_note}}}
Length ० km {{{length_km}}}{{{length_orientation}}} {{{length_note}}}
Width ० km {{{width_km}}}{{{width_orientation}}} {{{width_note}}}
Area ० km2 {{{area_km2}}}{{{area_note}}}
Etymology {{{etymology}}}
Nickname {{{nickname}}}
Native name {{{native_name}}}
Defining authority {{{authority}}}
Location {{{coord}}}
Countries {{{country}}}, {{{country1}}}, ... and {{{country18}}}
{{{state_type}}} {{{state}}}, {{{state1}}}, ... and {{{state18}}}
{{{region_type}}} {{{region}}}, {{{region1}}}, ... and {{{region23}}}
{{{district_type}}} {{{district}}}, {{{district1}}}, ... and {{{district18}}}
{{{city_type}}} {{{city}}}, {{{city1}}}, ... and {{{city18}}}
Range coordinates ०° उत्तरदिक् ०° पूर्वदिक् / 0°उत्तरदिक् 0°पूर्वदिक् / ०; ०निर्देशाङ्कः : ०° उत्तरदिक् ०° पूर्वदिक् / 0°उत्तरदिक् 0°पूर्वदिक् / ०; ० {{{range_lat_d}}}...{{{range_long_d}}}...{{{coordinates}}}
Parent range {{{parent}}}
Borders on {{{border}}}, {{{border1}}}, ... and {{{border7}}}
Biome {{{biome}}}
Orogeny {{{orogeny}}}
Period {{{period}}} and {{{period1}}}
Type of rock {{{geology}}}, {{{geology1}}} and {{{geology2}}}

This infobox is designed for articles about mountain ranges, worldwide. The infobox with explicit parameters is shown to the right. Use of the infobox on data from real mountain ranges can be seen on the test page.


Dimensional parameters[सम्पादयतु]

highest_point Name of highest peak in the range
highest_location location of highest peak, e.g., country or province
elevation_m Height of highest point in the range, in metres, as a number (e.g., 8848).
length_km Length and width of range, in kilometres, as a number.
area_km2 Area of range, in square kilometres, as a number.
length_orientation Length orientation such as N-S for North to South
width_orientation Width orientation such as E-W for East to West
elevation Free form field for expressing dimension, no automatic unit conversion. To be used instead of parameters like elevation_m
elevation_system The elevation reference system that defines the elevation, e.g., NAVD88 or DE-NHN
elevation_note Note field after dimensional quantity, typically used for inline citation that supports the quantity


Coordinate parameters[सम्पादयतु]

There are three ways to enter the location of a mountain range, which controls the content of two different optional fields:

lat_d Coordinates for highest peak in range. Will appear under "highest point" section as a link.
range_lat_d Overall coordinates for range, usually the centre of the range. Will appear in Geography section as "Range coordinates" and link
coordinates Free-form field for entering coordinates. Will appear as "Range coordinates" in Geography section
coordinates_note Add a note after the Coordinates link
range_coordinates_note Add a note after the Range coordinates link

Mapping parameters[सम्पादयतु]

The mapping parameters are the same as {{Infobox mountain}}, except for region:

map Can be the name of a locator map (e.g., "California"), or a filename for a map (e.g., "RockyMountainsLocatorMap.png"
map_alt The string provided when hovering over the map
map_size The width of the map in pixels. Defaults to 272
map_caption The caption underneath the map
map_relief If non-empty and non-zero, and map is the name of a locator map, then use the relief map for that location
x Specify the absolute location of the marker, from 0 to 1000. See {{Infobox map}} for more information.
label Label of mark on map. Defaults to name parameter value.
label_position The relative position of the label to the mark, e.g., "top" or "right". See {{Infobox map}}.
region_code Either a two character ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code or an ISO 3166-2 region code. See region.

Geographical parameters[सम्पादयतु]

location Free-form field describing location of range, similar to {{Infobox mountain}}
country,country1,...,country19 Countries that range spans. First use country, then country# in order. For more than four countries, infobox will automatically put into collapsed list.
state,state1,...,state19 States that range spans. For provinces, set state_type to "Province"
state_type Alternative label for state, e.g. Province
region,region1,...,region23 Sub-national regions that range spans.
region_type Label for sub-national regions, overriding default "State/Province"
district,district1,...,district19 Sub-regional areas that range spans, e.g., counties in the United States
district_type Label for sub-regional areas, overriding default "District"
city,city1,...,city19 Settlements within the mountain range.
city_type Label for settlements, overriding default "Settlement"
border,border1,...,border3 Other mountain ranges that border this one
biome Biome(s) for range
population Total human population for range

For users of Geobox[सम्पादयतु]

Some of the parameter names have changed from those used in Geobox, to make them compatible with those used in {{Infobox mountain}}. The renamed parameters are:

Geobox Infobox mountain range
image photo
image_size photo_size
image_caption photo_caption
image_alt photo_alt
length length_km
width width_km
area area_km
highest_elevation elevation_m
highest_elevation_note elevation_note
highest_lat_d lat_d
highest_lat_m lat_m
highest_lat_s lat_s
highest_lat_NS lat_NS
highest_long_d long_d
highest_long_m long_m
highest_long_s long_s
highest_long_EW long_EW
lat_d range_lat_d
lat_m range_lat_m
lat_s range_lat_s
lat_NS range_lat_NS
long_d range_long_d
long_m range_long_m
long_s range_long_s
long_EW range_long_EW
highest_coordinates_type coord_type
highest_coordinates_format format

See also[सम्पादयतु]

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