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Template:Requested move is substituted for input validation and archiving reasons (so a permanent record of the proposed page name can be placed on the talk page).

Edits to this template can adversely effect User:RMCD bot. Please check edits with the bot operator before implementation.


This tag will add tagged articles to Wikipedia:Requested moves.

Please note that unlike {{article for deletion}}, the discussion for a page move must take place on the talk page, not on Wikipedia:Requested moves.

Create a section at the bottom of the talk page of the page that you want to be moved. It should be formatted like this:

== Requested move ==
{{subst:Requested move|NewName|Why}}

or this:

== Requested move ==
{{subst:Requested move|NewName|reason = Why}}


  • NewName = your proposed new name for the page, i.e., the name which the page should be renamed or moved to
  • Why = your rationale for the proposed page name change, ideally referring to applicable naming convention policies and guidelines, and providing evidence in support where appropriate

This will create a template (see Template:Requested move/dated) on the talk page, and links to the old page and new page. For example:

== Requested move ==
{{subst:Requested move|Template:Move|Move was the original name of this template, and we should revert to that.}}

will create:

Requested move

फलकम्:Requested move/dated/mirror

Template:Requested moveTemplate:Move – Move was the original name of this template, and we should revert to that. Username (talk) 21:44, 7 December 2012 (UTC)

If you're unsure about what the best new name is, use a question mark for the new name. Suggested move is a common and popular alternative section header:

== Suggested move ==
{{subst:Requested move|?|reason = The name should be either "move" or "rename", let's discuss which is better.}}


Suggested move

फलकम्:Requested move/dated/mirror

Template:Requested move → ? – The name should be either "move" or "rename", let's discuss which is better. Username (talk) 23:16, 7 December 2012 (UTC)

User:RMCD bot will copy the move information to WP:RM, usually within 20 minutes.

Adding survey and discussion subsections[सम्पादयतु]

Use parameter


to append the subsections in {{Requested move/talk}}.

Default behavior[सम्पादयतु]

  • If unnamed parameter {{{1}}} is not specified, then ? – an unspecified destination to be decided on the talk page – is assumed
  • If neither parameter {{{2}}} or {{{reason}}} are specified, the default text is "Please place your rationale for the proposed move here." This text should be edited to replace it with an actual rationale for the requested move.

Error messages[सम्पादयतु]

This template validates editor input, and may write one of the following messages if it's not used as intended. These errors are not reported at WP:RM. If you need help using this template, review the instructions given at requesting controversial and potentially controversial moves. If you still need help, post a question at Wikipedia talk:Requested moves.

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