वर्गः:स्क्रिप्ट त्रुटियों वाले पृष्ठ

विकिपीडिया, कश्चन स्वतन्त्रः विश्वकोशः
अत्र गम्यताम् : सञ्चरणम्, अन्वेषणम्

Following is the chronology of events that traces the journey of Mangalyaan which lasted over 300 days:

5 November, 2013: ISRO's PSLV C25 launches India's Mars Orbiter Mission from Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh.

7 November: First Earth-bound manoeuvre performed.

8 November: Second Earth-bound manoeuvre performed.

9 November: Third Earth-bound manoeuvre performed.

11 November: Fourth Earth-bound manoeuvre performed.

12 November: Fifth Earth-bound manoeuvre performed.

16 November: Sixth Earth-bound manoeuvre performed.

1 December: MOM leaves Earth's orbit, Trans-Mars Injection performed.

4 December: MOM leaves Earth's Sphere of Influence of 9.25 lakh km radius.

11 December: First course correction manoeuvre performed on the spacecraft.

11 June, 2014: Second course correction manoeuvre executed.

22 September: MOM enters Mars' Gravitational Sphere of Influence; 440 Newton Liquid Apogee Motor test fired after over 300 days of dormancy; last trajectory correction manoeuvre performed.

24 September: MOM reaches the intended orbit around Mars, making India the first country in the world to have successfully launched its mission to the Red Planet on the very first attempt.


३ इत्येषु वर्गेऽस्मिन् अधो लिखिताः ३ उपवर्गाः सन्ति



"स्क्रिप्ट त्रुटियों वाले पृष्ठ" वर्गेऽस्मिन् विद्यमानानि पृष्ठानि

४६६ इत्येषु वर्गेऽस्मिन् अधो लिखितानि २०० पृष्ठानि सन्ति

(पूर्वतनं पृष्ठम्) (अग्रिमं पृष्ठम्)
(पूर्वतनं पृष्ठम्) (अग्रिमं पृष्ठम्)