विकिपीडिया, कश्चन स्वतन्त्रः विश्वकोशः
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Can we replace सरकार प्रकार: with शासन व्यवस्था? I think though both mean same the latter seems more appropriate. --Adroit09 २१:०३, १९ मेय् २०११ (UTC)

I agree with you. सरकार is not a Sanskrit word, it is dervied from सर्वकार - रामप्रियः ०७:१९, २० मेय् २०११ (UTC)
Good work. As a note, I have imported the Infobox settlement. It is a generic and powerful infobox (as in, it can be used for any geographical settlement). I have translated some of the fields, but more of them need translation. For an example of an article using this template, see चेयेन्. Thanks. Yes Michael?Talk ०७:३८, २० मेय् २०११ (UTC)
Though, I must admit, the infobox looks huge in some screens. Got to fix it. Yes Michael?Talk ०७:३९, २० मेय् २०११ (UTC)
"https://sa.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=फलकसम्भाषणम्:देश&oldid=111819" इत्यस्माद् प्रतिप्राप्तम्