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Could somebody translate this navigation template of Indo-Aryan wikipedia to your wikipedia?Indo-Aryan wikipedia:Template:--Kaiyr (चर्चा) १२:२८, २२ एप्रिल् २०२० (UTC)[उत्तर दें]

Introducing Adiutor Project[सम्पादयतु]

Dear fellow Wikimedia enthusiasts, we are excited to introduce the Adiutor Project, an initiative aimed at enhancing the Wikipedia editing experience! Adiutor is a user-friendly gadget designed to simplify various tasks for Wikipedia editors, making editing easier, faster, and more enjoyable. From creating deletion requests to conducting copyright checks, Adiutor streamlines repetitive processes, giving you more time to focus on creating valuable content for the community. If you're interested in using Adiutor on your local wiki, we'd love to hear from you! Drop us a message here or reach out to us with your Wikimedia community details. Let's collaborate to bring Adiutor to your language and wiki! Join the Adiutor Project, and together, let's make Wikipedia editing a more efficient and rewarding experience! For any questions or to express your interest in bringing Adiutor to your local wiki, feel free to contact us, you can also join our telegram group - we're here to support and work together with you! Looking forward to your enthusiastic participation! Vikipolimer (चर्चा) १०:१५, ६ आगस्ट् २०२३ (UTC)[उत्तर दें]