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Wikipedia Asian Month

Wikipedia Asian Month is an online Edit-a-thon aimed at enhancing the understanding among Asian Wikipedia communities, it will be took place in November 2015. The purpose of Asian Month at [your language] Wikipedia is to improve the quantity and quality of articles about Asian countries except [your country]

As one of the parts of friendship of Wikipedia Asian Community, each participants who create at least five articles that fulfill the criteria will receive a special designed Wikipedia postcard from other participating countries.

Wikipedians who creates most articles on each Wikipedia will be honored as "Wikipedia Asian Ambassador".


  1. The article is newly created by you (i.e. not expanding stubs) between November 1, 2015 0:00 to November 30, 2015 23:59 (UTC).
  2. The article should be at least 3,500 bytes and around 300 words.
  3. The article shall fulfill the article notability criteria
  4. The article must have decent references; doubtful or controversial statements in the article should be verifiable by the citation(s) listed in that article.
  5. The article is not purely machine translated; and having a decent language style
  6. There is no issue (no tags) within the article
  7. The article is not a list
  8. The article is informative
  9. Notes: In the end, human judge(s) from local Wikipedia will determine whether an article is accepted or not.


Sign up

Sign up and report your contribution here. Organizer will mark (Check) if the article fulfill the criteria.


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